IMG_0016Hi, I’m Annie and-you’re not! (I’ve always wanted to say that and now’s my chance!)

My 26+ years of nursing experience gave me an understanding of health concepts and nursing practice so that I can explain them. I taught and I taught.

Teaching is just one of the many things that I did as a nurse: carrying out what your doctor wanted was one of my mmany other jobs as was evaluating your condition.  But, if the doctor ordered medications or treatments that in my professional judgment might be harmful to you, it was my duty to express my concerns to him.  You as a patient have a right: if you think one of us is not meeting your  needs or yu’re suffering needlessly, tell us. There is a remedy and YOU HAVE RIGHTS.

I also worked side by side with your doc to determine a treatment plan that was best for you and also develop a nursing care plan.

I spent a lot of time teaching and teaching and then some more teaching. I was your advocate. I headed the team who planned your discharge from the hospital and prepare you with the knowledge so you would not return and you could live safely at home.

However, I learned that I didn’t know it all! The doctor knew your labs, the results of your complete physical exam. I knew your labs  and had been trained extensively to interpret them. We worked together as a team to combine his knowledge and findings with those of the pharmacist, me, the nurses’ aide, social worker, and chaplain.

The information on these pages is a guide, meant to explain conditions and explain some frustrating ‘doctor-speak.’ They aren’t meant to take the place of your doctor

This information is my interpretation based on my many years of experience. However, your doctor must be your final word.

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