IMG_0016Hi, I’m Annie and you’re not! I’m a nurse and spent 26 years in various areas of nursing and so I developed quite an understanding of healthcare. When I left nursing, I was a freelance health writer, so I learned to write about it, too!

Nurses develop a treatment plan for each patient. That plan has been tailor-made for the patient, with a focus on the ‘why’s’ of the patient’s illness so the patient is more likely to be able to ‘problem-solve’ his illness once at home. That way, they’ll be less likely to go back to the hospital.

With the input of all the healthcare team, I developed a nursing care plan, often similar, but not the same as the medical care plan.

Nurses interpret EKGs, draw labs, interpret them, too. They learn about medications, know anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and critical thinking to name a few.

They assess and prioritize your care, care for IVs, change dressings, toilet patients, walk them, draw blood and face a continuous need to adjust priorities because of a changed need or crisis situation.

As a nurse, I spent much time teaching, perhaps that teaching was of a chronic condition and how to best manage it. (Perhaps the best example might be teaching about a new diagnosis of diabetes). I was your advocate and was responsible to obtain a dietary consult and all nutritional consults.

That said, I learned that I didn’t know it all! Your doctor knows you, your labs, the results of your physical and has been trained extensively to interpret them and put a complex puzzle together. So, we worked together as a team to combine his knowledge and findings with those of the pharmacist, me, the nurses’ aide, social worker, and chaplain.

The information on these pages is a guide, meant to explain conditions and explain some frustrating and possibly frightening ‘doctor-speak.’ They aren’t meant to take the place of your doctor. They represent my understanding, based on my many years of experience of interpreting doctor-speak/lingo. However, your doctor must be your final word.

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