IMG_0016Hi, I’m Annie and you’re not! Now that we’ve established  that fact, let’s chat! 

26+ years of nursing and freelance writing experience have given me me unique abilities to participate in and understand  health concepts and then to write about them. 

Your doctor knows YOU: your lab and test results, the results of your physical exam; and has been trained extensively in putting together a clinical picture to ‘solve a ‘puzzle’. They also My training taught me to discern abnormalities and to alert him to them, but it is his job to know how they could affect you physically.  We were a team to combine his knowledge and findings with those of the pharmacist, me, the nurses’ aide, social worker, and chaplain.

The information on these pages is intended to explain conditions and some frustrating ‘doctor-speak.’ How many times have we left the doctor’s office: WHAT did he just tell mesay?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on these pages, feel free to message me with comments on the contact form below or use iif you with an idea for a post, from what to do for a runny nose to how to  plant a garden! It arrives directly in my e-mail box. I do hope you enjoy nosing around!



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