What is cancer?

Whoa, just the mention of the word, cancer, is cause for pause and is something most of us would rather avoid. But, like it or not, it's part of our world. Who, among us hasn't known someone with cancer, are related to someone with cancer or sadly, known someone who may have succumbed to the... Continue Reading →

Welcome and kudos; Just a Nurse?

Today, we give a shout out, to Baby Nurse, who, apparently is beginning in the challenging world of nursing school, and starting a blog about her nursing school experiences and endeavors. Nursing is a highly gratifying field for a scientifically-minded and empathic male or female.  I toot my own horn, and the horns of all nurses... Continue Reading →

Ladies: Press on Nails?

First, my dreams of becoming a hand model saw completion today! Lately, pressed nails with gel adhesive are gaining popularity because of their simplicity and price. In fact, instead of posting earlier today, I was busy putting on my own! Easy and fun. They even make french tipped and glittered! However, I foresee possible problems.... Continue Reading →

Autoimmunity via YouTube

Some years ago, I found a video which explains what the immune system does and how it functions in a nutshell. I don't think a text could say it more succinctly:  

The Largest Organ?

What is the largest organ? After incorrectly guessing the liver; your final answer: the lungs. Now, they take up a lot of 'land!' Wrong again! The skin is the largest organ. There's a lot of inches involved in those square feet.  One estimate I read is that the skin is 18 square feet, but people... Continue Reading →

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