Dry, itchy skin?

This is winter, no more calling it ‘Indian Summer’! The snow has fallen, plows are out, and yes, you wear your coat, and gloves. One thing you’ve surely noticed, especially on those days when you ‘got by’ without gloves, is that your hands are dry: dry from the dry, windy and cold air.  Usually, I can’t go into the store, a doctor’s office, or the post office without seeing hand sanitizer. Washing your hands is a great habit to get in to, but what about the dry skin that comes with it? While sanitizers ‘KILL BUGS DEAD,’ their alcohol base … Continue reading Dry, itchy skin?

What is a port-a-cath?

What is that bump on that man’ chest? It is a port-a-cath. Basically, a port-a-cath is an implanted device to receive intravenous solutions.  Usually, when you have blood drawn or need an IV the nurse has no difficulty slipping an IV in. This isn’t always the case. Some people don’t have such an easy time with IV insertion. The nurse digs and digs, trying to ‘find a vein’. This can cause pain, bruising; and too often the result still is: NO IV 😦 One solution to this problem is a port-a-cath. Implanted in a special surgical suite, a port-a-cath is … Continue reading What is a port-a-cath?

Fountain of Youth?

Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Would you like to make your skin look younger? Think of what you could do with all of that money that you spent on products to ‘revive’ your skin. For years, people have been looking for the fountain of youth; have they found it? Chemical peels can be painful and Botox can be expensive and sometimes just cleaning your face with your skin cream doesn’t get it clean like it needs to be. But, a newer way of cleaning your skin has begun to gain attention: Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing. Briefly, in this procedure, high-frequency ultrasound waves are … Continue reading Fountain of Youth?

The use of the buzzsaw in orthopedics

Gazing at the cast cutter as a child, I saw an ominous thing that looked like it was going to eat me alive. Guess what? It did! The cast cutter (possibly a buzz saw in a former life) cut my cast off all right; it also cut my skin. It was a tiny cut, but my 12-year-old saucers-eyes saw a huge crater which became infected and left a large scar. A  bit of history so you can understand my apprehension about having this cast removed. I could only hope that in 50 years there have been advancements in cast removal! “Joy to … Continue reading The use of the buzzsaw in orthopedics

Ladies: Press on Nails?

First, my dreams of becoming a hand model saw completion today! Lately, pressed nails with gel adhesive are gaining popularity because of their simplicity and price. In fact, instead of posting earlier today, I was busy putting on my own! Easy and fun. They even make french tipped and glittered! However, I foresee possible problems. Don’t leave them on more than 1 week, because bacteria and fungus love dark and warm environment to thrive. I hear that nail fungus is no fun. I can’t imagine that they make a complete seal; pretty complete, but, water migrates and stews under the … Continue reading Ladies: Press on Nails?