I don’t know how this happened. Years ago, 2011, I started  blogging and rarely a comment except from hackers and questionable types, or my mother and husband-who had to find a way, if nothing else but TO SHUT ME UP! Hmm, could I be THAT BAD at blogging that in 12 years I have received  NO credible comments! Being the sleuth that I am, this Nancy Drew started at the beginning and traced it back to settings. I had had checked that I wanted to enable comments, but while looking for something else, I found that another check mark for … Continue reading OH MY GOSH!!!

A fitting end to Lupus Awareness month

At Rare Patient Voice, disease sufferers are given a voice, and are empowered as they share frustrations and challenges of living with a chronic illness. They may share suggestions for medical product or medication improvement; and they are listened to as some of their suggestions become the norm in clinical practice! Now, there’s a first: LISTEN TO PATIENTS, LISTEN TO CAREGIVERS! Currently, Rare Patient Voice has a survey opportunity for CAREGIVERS of lupus patients, which is a 30-minute zoom meeting with a compensation of $50. Please sign up at the link below to receive an email invitation to the survey. … Continue reading A fitting end to Lupus Awareness month