“Roll  out those lazy, hazy crazy days of summer…” (WHEN I started this post it was May, and summer WAS just around the corner!) It's already August ...  'Too much sun? NEVER! You can never get too much of this good thing, right? Wrong! Even when the summer months come to a close, the... Continue Reading →


I don’t know how this happened. Years ago, 2011, I started  blogging and rarely a comment except from hackers and questionable types, or my mother and husband-who had to find a way, if nothing else but TO SHUT ME UP! Hmm, could I be THAT BAD at blogging that in 12 years I have received... Continue Reading →


This morning the doctor said your husband has pericarditis, but he didn't explain more.  Briefly, 'peri' refers to surrounding, 'cardio' refers to the heart, 'itis' suggests inflammation. Put together: 'something that surrounds the heart is inflamed. In pericarditis, it is the fluid-filled sac, the pericardium that is inflamed and irritated sac; this is called pericarditis... Continue Reading →

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