Over years, our cells sustain damage from ‘free radicals’ which build up from toxic waste in our bodies. It is the job of anti-oxidants to prevent this. Blueberries have a healthy dose of anti-oxidants and contribute to slowing this process, but their help is limited. Free-radicals can cause a myriad of health problems; from daytime sleepiness to heart disease, sleep disorders and strokes.To name but a few.

The most potent antioxidant known is L-ergothioneine. Recently scientists, researchers and doctors studied and tested a derivative of L-ergothioneine called MitoPrime R.. This very powerful anti-oxidaznt was developed ten years ago and has been researched by hundreds of specialists. The substance has been found to be 30-times strongerthan L-ergothioneine. Mitoprime as it turns out is also a very strong anti-inflammatory.

If there was a way to add more longevity and quality to our health and lives, might this be It? I’ve only taken MitoprimeR for a few weeks, but, already I’ve noticed more logical thought; many like myself with fibromyalgia can understand this benefit as Mitoprime R can clear ‘fibro-fog’ and create the mental clarity that many with fibromyalgia seek. My lupus symptoms of muscle and joint aches, are still present, but much less noticeable. However nowhere is the difference more noticeable for me than it is with my level of energy. I have more of it and some I attribute to my weight loss of 19 pounds and some of that is due to my diuretic. (If you feel more energized you do more and your calories expended are greater. Products made with MitoprimeR are lactose-free, soy-free, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan. And for the gals here, how could Mitoprime R support weight-loss, without being sugar-free as well?

In addition to enhancing our body’s immune response, products created with MitoprimeR work at the cellular level to improve nerve conduction. The powerful antioxidant properties enhance the body’s immune response, and work with the nervous system to promote more restful REM sleep. Often, people who take products with MitoprimeR notice increased mental clarity. 

Diabetes sufferers often notice a decrease in their blood sugar numbers, hypertension sufferers often notice a decrease in blood pressures, lrvrls translates into fewer strokes. Increased fat synthesis has been reported, translating to decreasing cholesterol levels.

A more thorough discussion can be fount here:

For more information about Mitoprime R and purchasing products containing it, click here. ://


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