Autoimmunity, meet COVID!

Who knows? Who knows what the long-term effects of having recovered from COVID infections are? One symptom of COVID is the effect it has on our lungs and in some cases, people need be hospitalized and in severe cases be placed on a ventilator. What’s a ventilator? It’s a machine that can breathe for you so your lungs can rest and heal from COVID-19. The people who are at most risk for this complication of COVID-19 are those over 65, have pre-existing health conditions, have autoimmune diseases and the infirm.

Many look askance at someone who mentions a product on a blog, but I feel that Exagen Diagnostic Labs®, is on the forefront of many developments in medicine and has a progressive vision. I have no vested interest in the lab, but I can vouch for their integrity and good works. Exagen, as an autoimmune diagnostic laboratory, has entered into a partnership with Brigham and Women’s hospital in Boston, MA to study COVID-19. In this partnership, they’ll study the potential  connection between viruses and the development of autoimmune diseases, like lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis or Sjogren’s Syndrome) to name but a few.

Perhaps there is a connection between COVID=19 and autoimmunity. If so, what is it? Can this connection be used to tell us which autoimmune disease will develop and when? What are risk factors? We don’t have any information on this study, yet.  It may take years to get them, but stay tuned to this station for answers! 

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