Autoimmunity and insurance

Today, approximately 6 millions of people with TRICARE East Insurance will have insurance coverage for AVISE testing.

What? Yes, members of TRICARE East will have access to all of the laboratory testing if their physicians want them to have blood tests to determine the presence or absence of lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. They have also become known for the development of bloodwork to rule “in” a diagnosis of Fibroymalgia.

What does this mean? The sooner you have a diagnosis for those strange symptoms of, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Multiple sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis or ulcerative colitis, the sooner effective, life-altering or in some instances, life-saving treatment can begin.

Exagen’s AVISE (with sophisticated) testing can determine up to 48% greater certainty than traditional testing if you have lupus. Since this is the case, a diagnosis is likely to come sooner and treatment to begin sooner and because autoimmune diseases rarely occur on their own, your doctor can be on the ‘lookout’ for another autoimmune disease and can begin treatment on that sooner-should it come at all!

Yes, more health plans are showing interest in partnering up with Exagen for it’s AVISE testing.

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