Is It Fibromyalgia? How Can I know?

Anyone with fibromyalgia knows ever-too-well that there’s no simple blood test, CT, MRI or x-ray to tell you if fibromyalgia is the cause of your pain. What they can tell you is that it is often called fibromyalgia syndrome, ‘fibrositis’ or ‘psychsomatic rheumatism’, and ‘neurasthenia ‘ The term fibromyalgia was originally coined as a syndrome when there were unexplained aches and pains, numbness and tingling, fatigue, headaches and any other bothersome symptoms which had no explainable cause.

The symptom many find the hardest to deal with is often called ‘fibro-fog’ characterized by a mental cloudiness so great that for hours, your mind is so clouded that all judgment is impaired. The symptoms that are more common: Fibromyalgia affects women at a far great rate than men, so the mere mention of it, before it was officially recognized as a real disorder, gave it the name as psychosomatic woman’s or hysterical female syndrome. I kid you not! When I first mentioned it to my doc as a possibility to explain my aches and pains, eyeballs rolled back and I really felt dismissed.

Then, fibromyalgia became pretty well recognized, but still difficult to treat as so many of its symptoms were vague like countless autoimmune diseases, especially rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, or lupus.

It was found that people with fibromyalgia did have pain perception that differed on MRI, and that lead docs to treatment except that some medications for neuropathy were helpful. But, those meds were only for people already diagnosed.

A diagnostic laboratory which is a leader in diagnosing and monitoring autoimmune diseases, partnered with Ohio State Innovation Foundation to develop a blood test which would enable more rapid diagnosis and hence more effective treatment of fibromyalgia.

Exagen labs in Vista, CA. and Ohio State have developed a partnership to develop a blood test to diagnose fibromyalgia. If they have partnered, the possibility to develop a simple bloodtest which will diagnose Fibromyalgia sooner rather than later-is on the forefront. I think the day will come soon when fibromyalgia can be diagnosed with a single blood test.

Just imagine, you take your symptoms to the doctor, he does a blood test and BOOM! YOU have a diagnosis. Not that you were looking for this, but appropriate treatment is then just around the corner.


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