The challenges of COVID-19

Long ago we learned that COVID was quite the contagious virus and we learned its symptoms making us experts in viral epidemiology, (what a mouthful!) social distancing, contact-tracing and handwashing! Our country asked, we gave. We sheltered in place.

Now, it’s time to get back to our old ‘norm,’ as this ‘new norm’ takes too much ‘getting used to.’ But, then there are others of us who are hesitant to dip their toes in the waters. After all, if we don’t get this reentry thing right, there will be a resurgence of cases and we’ll be set back some months, and eventually, the Treasury won’t be able to bail us out! So, we shelter in place.

One week maybe two or three of sheltering in place is ok, but then the crocuses bloom and it’s apple blossom time and EASTER when everyone goes to church. Not this year! Easter for many churches was done via Zoom or Skype left me a little cold. But still we continue to ‘shelter in place’. Our country asks so little.

But, some took this further as governors continued to say that going out to church is not ‘sheltering in place’, and they couldn’t go to church.

Some people felt as if their government via the states was slowly taking/eroding their rights. This was acceptable for a few weeks, but after a few, it felt to many oppressive. Isn’t this a violation of civil rights, Constitutional Rights?  I could have sworn I read that in ‘Constitution 101! But still, my country asks little of me so I continue to shelter in place.

Yep, that freedom of religion and the right to free assembly to practice that religion! My feeling is this. It is not often that my country asks something of me that I am able to give, so I’ll continue to shelter in place.

Or another way: I consider myself dang lucky to be ASKED by my country (to shelter in place), rather than be TOLD (by the bayonetted guards outside my door) that I have no choice in the matter!

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