The Joy (?) of COVID-19

Surely you’re joking! Leaving death and carnage in its wake, coronavirus has shown us financial hardships beyond those most of us have ever known, or shed light on how a once-thriving economy can now sputter by on fumes. However, wherever we go, America’s first responders have been the real heroes.

A second hero, less sung, are those who offer stress relief or entertainment-at their expense-because they can. These might be from our entertainers giving global musical concerts from their home music studios to raise awareness of a global issue that needs attention or just to provide entertainment.

Another might be a jazzercise class offered online for a small membership fee, or any number of companies like Zoom (free) which allow for group meetings so that maintaining proper social distancing is possible for the family spread across the country who wants to ‘stay in touch.’

Below is a very short video about another way of stress reduction as a ‘thanks’ to coronavirus. It is so beautifully done, it reminds us that there can be Joy in COVID-19.


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