Don’t let your guard down!

Wowsa! I never thought I’d be happy to think about going outside, going back to work and getting back to the drama of life as I knew it. But, if you watched the 6 o’clock news this evening, you might have heard that in certain parts of the country, what we have come to know as the ‘curve’; has ‘begun’ to flatten! Time to party and begin to celebrate right?

Not so quick, slick! Before you dash out that door, before you even think about it, realize that, besides putting your mask on, there are areas of the country where the coronavirus is still quite active and other areas that it hasn’t ‘hit’ yet. It’s still out there and it could be waiting for you.

What does that mean? Well, remember the ‘flu’ that your mother had when she got back from visiting her mom? Turns out that her mom had just gotten over the bug. This is what you heard on the news tonight. Scientists refer to this as the ‘mode of transmission.’

Scientists are also talking about tests to know if you have had coronavirus,. They also talk about vaccines to protect you from getting it.  But, if tests show that you have formed an antibody against coronavirus, you might be inclined to return outside and forget the social distancing rule of 6 feet, and forget that habit of handwashing and “Happy Birthday!”

If that return to previous behaviors is premature, and the antibodies you formed are weak, it is possible that there could be the development of a supervirus. A ‘supervirus would be stronger, more virulent and harder to kill than the coronavirus was to kill. Would you be able and willing to social distance, stay home again; I imagine for a longer period of time? See more people be so ill? Could your pocketbook withstand the hit, could the government afford another a ‘bailout?’

I think it would behoove all of us to listen to the President’s task force of doctors and scientists, all pre-eminent in their respective fields, and let them make this call. I think the operative words here are about the curve: it has  BEGUN to flatten. Until then, I’ll just stay home, hunker down, continue social distancing-and watch the paint dry!

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