The doctor is ‘out’

It was an uneventful flight from LA to Chicago except for the bozo who didn’t stop coughing. I didn’t need my coat in LA, so I packed it; but in Chicago’s cold, I wish I hadn’t put it at the bottom of my suitcase!

Three days later, my head stuffy and lungs a faucet for phlegm; realizing that I’d never be able to get in to see my doctor by the weekend, I wondered what I could do for my green phlegm to stand a chance of beating this chest cold?

  • you’ve seen something similar to the ‘toy’ below, or a variety of the two above. Each of them provides a different kind of care for your lungs; Unless you’ve been lucky enough to escape being hospitalized your whole life, you’ve seen one of them. They’re routine. The clear and blue one below is the incentive spirometer and the two pictured above work on another principle in helping your lungs, help themselves. There are plenty of videos which show how to use them.


  • get plenty of rest: sleep, naps, and more sleep!
  • keep the stress to a minimum
  • stay warm: a body which has to fight to stay warm, has fewer reserves to fight the cold
  • drink plenty of liquids. Since each of these three machines help loosen the phlegm, the liquid you drink, thins the secretions so they’re not so thick that they don’t ‘budge.’
  • Warm beverages are the best. (Hot tea, esp). Yep, leave the coffee off of your menu.
  • take warm showers and try the above breathing exercise in the shower.

Why I mention the bozo on the plane? The germs that cause respiratory infections travel in the air. They love warm, closed confined spaces. On the plane, the air isn’t circulated as much and everyone tends to breathe in the same air. If that air is filled with bacteria, that’s what you’ll be breathing. A minor form of ‘garbage in, garbage out!’

Those are a few things that could save you money in the long run and help ‘nip this thing in the bud!’


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