Aging and TV?

What this all about? Recent studies have found that even though seniors may enjoy time spent in front of the television set, too much of it may not be helpful.

Yep, as we age, we tend to become more sedentary in our lifestyle choices and abilities. Right. How many seniors do you know who still participate in athletics at age 74?

Sure, there are those who do, but the vast majority of seniors have long ago hung up their wetsuits in favor of less rigorous pursuits and some become couch potatoes. This leads to more TV watching and with that, recent scientific studies have shown a decrease in verbal memory.

What is verbal memory? Often it is as simple as being told the names of a few objects to remember and then being asked to repeat them a few minutes later.

Initially, this was considered a coincidence, but there are now enough statistics that a link between verbal memory and television watching has been established.

When the verbal memory rates of those who don’t watch television are compared to the verbal memory of those who watch more than 3 1/2 hours daily, the verbal memory of tv watchers is half the rates of those who curl up with a good book, take a walk around the block, sew, or meet the gals for lunch.

Watching television does have its benefits of keeping us informed and learning the trends of society and increasing the understanding of others. I suppose something similar goes for surfing the internet; guilty as charged! Maybe I’ll switch gears-and watch a little TV!

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