“Baby it’s Cold Outside”

We’re always told to use caution in this extreme cold: LISTEN! When exposed to extreme cold, the danger of frostbite is real; cover up or better yet,  DON’T GO OUT! If you must go out, use some common sense-sit in the car while pumping gas to avoid the wind, minimize alcohol, wear mittens instead of gloves and layer your clothing; to name a few.

What about the indigent or homeless living with minimal heat? Check on them or invite them to stay with you. One anonymous bystander in Chicago sprang for hotel rooms for a block of homeless last evening. Random acts of kindness! Donate that pair of mittens your children have outgrown or donate hats and mittens.

Despite wearing mittens, you developed frostbite on your finger. So if something gets too cold, warm it up under hot water, right? WRONG! Rapid rewarming is a ‘NO-NO’ where frostbite is concerned. So, use warm water!

“90% of the body’s heat loss comes from the skin. and is usually greater in windy weather.” This can be devastating to firemen or any first responder who has to be out in this weather.

Since most of the heat is lost from the skin, a little common sense is in order: Hats! Gloves or mittens. Women, there are things worse than ‘hat-head’ and there are cute hats for any kind of style-but use some common sense.

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