Fountain of Youth?

Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing

Would you like to make your skin look younger? Think of what you could do with all of that money that you spent on products to ‘revive’ your skin. For years, people have been looking for the fountain of youth; have they found it?

Chemical peels can be painful and Botox can be expensive and sometimes just cleaning your face with your skin cream doesn’t get it clean like it needs to be. But, a newer way of cleaning your skin has begun to gain attention: Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing.

Briefly, in this procedure, high-frequency ultrasound waves are used to penetrate deeply into the skin. Dirt and grime are removed from the skin without exfoliation. The procedure is completely safe, there is no downtime and it doesn’t hurt skin.

At first, the skin is massaged which loosens the dead cells of the skin. Second, water is used to flush all the dirt, grime, and dead skin cells away. Sometimes even steam is used to cleanse the skin. In the third step Vitamin Serum is applied to the face and then Ultrasonic Facial Machine is used to make the vitamin penetrate a bit more deeply into the skin. This whole procedure increases the production of collagen in the skin which refreshes the face muscles.


Ultrasonic facial is the safest cosmetic procedure to deep cleanse the skin with no pain or discomfort and can serve as an alternative to the painful and surgical treatments such as laser resurfacing, Botox injection, chemical peels and other invasive cosmetic skin treatments.

The procedure has some immediate and temporary visible results on skin and daily treatment can lead to long-lasting results. However, the end results depend on the person’s skin type and clearly visible results won’t appear in the first two days. The treatment really helps with eye circles a lot. Other benefits are:

  • useful for acne and Rosacea.
  • lack of side effects
  • helps in the improve skin texture and tone, which in turn lightens the color of (eye) circles.
  • Safe and no recovery time
  • works on every type of skin
  • the penetrating effect allows it to deep cleanse 
  • very useful in the reduction of age spots, freckles, redness, and scars.
  • effective for all skin and ages.

The procedure also helps in maintaining the fat level of the body because it reduces the appearance of fat deposit and cellulite in the body. This doesn’t mean that it is a fat removal technique but it helps a lot in preventing the rapid growth of fat cells.

Because it tightens the skin, it can be used for saggy and wrinkled skin. By tightenings the skin, it does make a person look younger. With the constant use of Ultra facial treatment, a clearer, wrinkleless face can be easily achieved. Has the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH BEEN FOUND?

This is contraindicated in people who are pregnant or have pacemakers.

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