Memories of Lupus VIP Lab Tour

What Memories! Last March several bloggers and I toured Exagen® Diagnostic VIP Laboratory Tour in Vista, California. Our stay was very brief, but the wonderful memories… This picture reminded me of that past. I think what prompted my reverie was a photo of Shanelle Gabriel as she finished a marathon. Or was it the picture of Cindy Coney who tours the country speaking on behalf of lupus sufferers or Sara Gorman who partners with Lupus Foundation of UK and owns the ‘Despite Lupus’ blog? Or was it Flow, the owner of ‘The Life of a 30-something with lupus.’ Who among us could ever forget Becky our fearless leader, Claudia the laboratory leader who led our tour and explained to us ‘junior lab techs! and Brian McEllvy who along with the whole staff off the Exagen® made our stay so wonderful? Not pictured were so many, and deserving special mention, Ron Rocca, CEO of Exagen®.

All of us who have lupus or another autoimmune disease, fight our own battles but we all try to make our lives better. I was proud to be included in Cindy, Sara, Flow and Shannelle’s company as we toured Exagen® laboratories and learned all about the new AVISE™ testing for SLE and for other autoimmune diseases. There will be more on AVISE in future posts as Exagen Laboratories continues its work to diagnose, treat and monitor lupus and other autoimmune conditions.  It continues to be a leader and quite prominent in the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune conditions.

AVISE™ testing has made this much more easy with various tests. Their AVISE CTD™ which tests for the presence of certain connective tissue diseases. They also have the AVISE HCQ™ which tests the compliance with Plaquenil; there is also a  test for metabolites of Methotrexate to see if a patient is mounting an adequate response to the current regimen of Methotrexate in AVISE MTX.™

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