Increased Insurance Footprint? Exagen Diagnostics

You ache and it feels like your whole body has a nasty case of the flu. This has been your life for too long, so your doctor orders a blood test, an ANA: it is positive. Because the ANA is positive she would like you to have AVISE® CTD testing-Where CTD=Connective Tissue Disease-for connective tissue disease). AVISE® is highly specific testing which can give your doctor valuable information that can lead to a diagnosis much more quickly; However, you find out that your insurance company does not cover AVISE® testing.

That was then: several days ago, CareFirst/Blue Cross Blue Shield announced that they will be partnering with Exagen® Diagnostics to study the effectiveness and efficacy of Exagen’s autoimmune testing, AVISE®.

They will look at the effectiveness and efficacy of insurance company involvement in the diagnosis of autoimmune illness. There was insurance coverage already, But this represents an increased insurance footprint and involvement which may lead to routine coverage of testing. One can only hope this is a step in the right direction and AVISE® testing will be routinely covered in the future.



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