Nurses Need Care, Too

When my leg gave way, the natural reflex kicked in: I held out my hands to break the fall and my wrists took the brunt. OUCH, big ‘owie! ‘ Much to my dismay, I’ll be in the cast for @ 10 weeks, but, I manage with the ‘pick and peck’ method of typing. Slow, slower, slowest!

With that, a little ‘primer’ on bones. Held together by strong ligaments and tendons, bones form our skeleton. Bones are living tissue, made of collagen and calcium. Collagen is the protein in bones and calcium in bones provides the hardness and strength of bones.

The combination of collagen and calcium makes bones hard, yet flexible so the bones stand up to a lot of stress. Unfortunately, when I fell and landed on my wrist, enough force was generated, that my wrist fractured in several places.

If bones aren’t strong enough, people may be encouraged to take calcium supplements. With so many calcium supplements available, which one should you take, what should you look for in one? Often, the better calcium supplements are in the form of calcium magnesium because it is thought that magnesium aids in the absorption of calcium.

Or, you can supplement your diet with calcium-rich foods. They are especially found in dairy products. But watch for weight gain if you decide to increase dairy. They are a good source of calcium but think of dairy: milk, cheese, sour cream, cream cheese. They’re good sources of calcium, but these foods pack a lot of calories.







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